I discovered my love for art when I  picked up my first paints and sketching pencils around age four. Since then, the entire world has been my inspiration. Primarily a painter, I use a variety of materials such as photographs, lyrics and poems, fabric and other elements on canvas and wood to extend my creative message.

I see art as a vessel for truth-telling, and therefore try to create from a deep and honest place, reflecting in my work themes of hope and healing and a promise that love is the ultimate victor. The message of all that I make is that by being brave and embracing our own creativity, we can set ourselves and one another free. We can move from making a living to making a life.

I facilitate creativity workshops in Southern California and Chicago and my work has been shown in galleries in Grand Rapids; Hurley Headquarters, FIND Art Gallery, and RockHarbor Studio Gallery in Costa Mesa; PÄS Gallery, Tranquil Tea Lounge, and Artology Gallery in Fullerton; Angelina Art Walk Downtown Barrington, IL.